2018 Campaign


1. Will you vote blindly with the party or will you vote for what is right?
Answer No I will not vote blindly along party lines, if elected my duty and obligation to the citizenry
is to vote for legislation that the benefits all citizens of the nation not just corporate insiders and
at the direction of lobbyist looking to undermine our Republican form of government.
Statement and Purpose    
Staying True to your Principles    
Duty and Responsibility
Don't be Fooled by Courts and Judges    
Let Corporate America Know    
What you don't know about our courts
Victim Stories    

2. Where do you stand on violence in our country? 2nd amendment issues?
Answer. I believe 80% of all violence this nation is caused by members of the ABA putting criminals back on the street to line their pockets with gold yet they will not ever represent victims' judges, court personnel, ABA agents, FBI agents, and Justice Department agents all have their members holding stock in private prisons which they must keep full. Not with hardened criminals who buy their way out of prison 80% of the time but with average citizens to make mistakes of judgment which wined them in custody of these private prisons. The lawyers and prisons win every time
conflict of interest 101 but your political leaders will do nothing about it due to lobbyist.
3. Where do you stand on corruption in government?
Answer. This candidate opposes all forms of corruption and local municipal and state as well as federal government. All these agents believe they are above the law and have judicial immunity which they do not because when they sign an oath of office public officials renounce their citizenship and become sovereign's see  United States Code, 2011 Edition
From the U.S. Government Printing Office, www.gpo.gov

4. What should we do about election meddling?
AnswerElection meddling is actually an act of treason against the Constitution of this great nation all violators should be treated as such. Additionally one man one vote is the law of the land as corporate entities no Corporation should be allowed to detonate more money to a campaign than the average citizen. Corporations now on America our politicians are judges and our courts. I oppose all such activities regarding election meddling
5. Economy and taxes?
Answer. Hot button item since 2000 we went from $1.2 trillion in debt to $27 trillion in debt 70 million Americans lost their homes and businesses to corrupt lawyers and judges using forged documents and phony court proceedings.
The banks caused our economy to collapse and now are profiteering from it put them out of business if necessary but hold them accountable for treason against our Constitution and economic terrorism against our citizens.
6. Social Security and welfare?
Answer. As a candidate I believe every society has disadvantaged members of social welfare system is abused by the administrators of the program and probably 5 to 12% of recipients. The lives the social programs save and stabilize speaking as one of a family of 6 whose parents died in 1959 my sister raised us on Social Security and limited public assistance and worked every day of her life until she died 6 months after retiring. We cannot allow our children to starve, be denied medical assistance, to throw people with mental disease out on the streets, while corporate officers defeat our tax system. Flying your luxury jets 2% of the wealthiest people in the world control 98% of the wealth they don't mind enslaving our citizens to make that luxury living they have. Social justice and social welfare go hand-in-hand.
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